Join us Wednesday, March 23rd at 6:30 for an informative discussion on getting more website views and better rankings through good Search Engine Optimization.

Bridgette Hynes, the Online Marketing Manager at Nantucket Island Resorts is our guest speaker.

The Breeze Bar at the Nantucket Hotel will be hosting and providing food and a cash bar. $10 suggested donation at the door. DOOR PRIZES!

Please RSVP through our Facebook page. See you there!



WRAP UP – Holiday Shop Crawl at Great Harbor Yacht Club

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We had an incredible turnout for our 2nd annual Holiday Shop Crawl last night! Thanks to Great Harbor Yacht Club for hosting, and to everyone who participated! Over 30 vendors were on hand with great deals for holiday shopping. Guests ate, drank, danced, and shopped. All donations went to the Nantucket Food Pantry and the Robin Harvey Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Thanks to all that gave in support of these great causes. Thanks also goes out to the Lance Mountain Band, The Green, Lemon Press, The Seagrille, Petticoat Row Bakery and Nantucket Photobooth.

Happy Holidays!

(photos by Mark Crosby of Zofia & Co. Photography)

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Save the Date for the 2nd Annual Holiday Shop Crawl at Great Harbor Yacht Club!

Announcing our 2nd Annual Holiday Shop Crawl!

On Thursday, December 10th from 5-8:30pm, come shop from a variety of small businesses and take advantage of special end of the year sales!

This year, instead of going around the block to a select few businesses, Great Harbor Yacht Club will be hosting the event!

This is a perfect time, between Stroll and Christmas, for businesses to sell inventory and make room for next season’s wares. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, the table fee is $75. Just contact Rebecca or Lisa directly : rmbecker9@gmail.com or lisaarusso@hotmail.com

Suggested donations at the door ($15) and proceeds will go to the Nantucket Food Pantry and the Robin Harvey Scholarship Fund.

Join us for drinks, food, live music by the Lance Mountain Band, auction, the Nantucket Photo Booth, and merriment while you grab those last minute gifts for friends, family and yourself!

All are welcome! Men, women and children!

Keep track of event info on our Facebook page!

Spread the word, we’ll see you there!




WRAP UP – Sips & Sandals Party at Cru

We threw a super fun Sips & Sandals party at Cru on May 28th, as a thank you to everyone who has supported us this fall and winter. It was a great welcome to spring before our summer hiatus. Cru provided a generous raw bar and apps spread, and The Green brought yummy desserts. Tommy and Emily poured a tasty Under the Petticoat signature drink for the evening. We had door prizes from Antiques Depot (who have recently moved to Federal Street), and tickets to the Theatre Workshop play, Rumors, from Lisa Soeder. Thanks to Cru for hosting!

We will have a BIG event planned for the fall. Stay tuned!



Petticoat Row Featured in Nantucket Home Magazine

Check out the new Spring 2015 issue of Nantucket Home Magazine for an article on Petticoat Row! Kate Splaine interviewed us last month for their Movers and Shakers feature. We discussed our group’s beginning as well as our future direction, what motivates us to give to the community, why we need donations to keep afloat, and why we participate in Petticoat Row. Pick one up and learn more!

Photo Apr 30, 10 29 49 AM Photo Apr 30, 10 31 00 AM Photo Apr 30, 10 31 45 AM Photo Apr 30, 10 32 19 AM


WRAP UP – Health Before Wealth

Our April 1st event, HEALTH BEFORE WEALTH, took place at The Westmoor Club. We had an amazing turnout, with over 70 women attending. Delicious food was provided by THE GREEN!


The impressive panel of female Nantucket health, fitness and nutrition experts included :

– Moderator and owner of Bliss Body Wellness, Jenni Houston
– Yoga Instructor Yoga Room Nantucket, Strong Girls Yoga and Nantucket SUP Yoga, Caitlin Marcoux
– The Green owner Jenny Bence
– Nantucket Health Club owner Sandy Schultz
– Personal Trainer Joy Marks Personal Training And Wellness, Joy Marks
– Massage Therapist Kim Bettincourt
Joanna Roche, Wellness Director at The Westmoor Club
– Massage and Physical Therapist, and owner of Nantucket Holistic Health, Paula McQuaid
– And President/CEO of Nantucket Cottage Hospital, Margot Hartmann!


Jenni talked about how proper nutrition and exercise give you so much energy. She believes that to see your future, you must take care of yourself. Healthy lifestyle habits are key! Jenni thinks more people would eat right and get fit if they knew that they could control their overall health, including things they’re predispositioned to genetically. A great piece of advice that Jenni gave to anyone who feels they don’t have enough time to fit exercise into their routine, was to work out even for 5 high intensity minutes. Take just 5 minutes, do 20 burpees and run a quick sprint. It’s healthier than spending that time on the couch!


Caitlin recommended that in order to motivate or inspire your family members to also exercise, you can do so in common areas of the house. Makes perfect sense! If exercise equipment or even yoga mats are part of the furniture, so to speak, your kids will see them as part of every day life and naturally want to join in. She said that goals are motivational – sign up for a race! As a cancer survivor, Caitlin pointed out that disease does not discriminate. She believes more people would practice yoga, get up and move, and get fit if they knew just how precious their lives were. She encourages everyone to live their life right, because it’s the only one we’ve got.

Joy suggested taking advantage of social media groups to motivate yourself and keep yourself accountable for your goals. With so many options, this is totally doable! Join a Facebook fitness group and Tweet your accomplishments! Joy believes one should be very passionate about their career, don’t let outside voices discourage you. Your goals are your own, not anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to pursue them! Joy said more people would get in shape if they knew that chronic diseases are preventable with exercise and proper nutrition.

Paula noted that it’s encouraging when parents bring kids in to her practice. It’s great for kids to grow up knowing there is alternative help for aches and pains other than medicine. Paula also warned against the slew of fads we’re all bombarded with on the internet, as far as nutrition. Do your homework and research any fad before committing! Paula believes more people would seek holistic help if they understood that they were actually able to prevent pain and disease.

Sandy said it’s often times difficult to motivate kids, especially teens, to get up and move. One great piece of advice that also worked for her son, was to get a pet! Dog walks don’t sound like exercise because they’re fun too. Don’t buy equipment if you’re going to hate it. Do what you like. Just keep moving. Park farther away, walk! The more you move the better you’ll feel. Sandy feels more people would get up exercise if they knew how good it would make them feel.


Kim spoke of how though her path towards working with handicapped children didn’t pan out, it evolved into her practice of massage therapy. She finds this fulfilling because she’s helping people feel great. Kim thinks that more people would allow themselves massages if they understood that physical health makes you feel better mentally as well.

Jenny went for a ride around the island one day, wanting smoothies and breakfast burritos. Serendipitously, the coffee shop she had hoped to find these things was closed up and available for a new business. She saw a gap, a need, and found an opportunity to open her own organic, healthy, made from scratch restaurant in that same location! She talked about how proper nutrition gives you so much energy. She believes that to see your future, you must take care of yourself. Once great piece of advice is that if you put on exercise clothes, you must use them!


Joanna also said that having a lot of energy can be accomplished with eating right. A green juice contains about 2 pounds of vegetables! Now that’s an easy way to get a ton of vitamins and an energy kick naturally! Joanna said if more people ate well and juiced, they would live longer and have more fulfilled lives. She said to not forget that part of your work is to keep yourself in shape. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. 

Margot thinks that the first step to being healthy and quitting bad habits is to love oneself. You have to respect yourself before you’re able to do this for yourself. You’re worth it! As the President and CEO of the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, she announced that the new hospital website will be up and running soon. She also encourage everyone to attend the annual Nantucket Town Meeting this Monday and vote!


Door prizes were Swell bottles from Milly & Grace, an MP3 player from Petite Travelers, Wine Fest Tickets from Lisa Soeder, a headshot by Zofia & Co. Photography, the Brix Six wine collection, an acupuncture session with Erica Marrero from The Westmoor Club, and a massage package from Kim Bettincourt!


At our event last night, we introduced our first ever Petticoat Row Soap Box! During each event going forward, we will encourage attendees to make any announcements about their own businesses, upcoming events, new ventures, thoughts/feelings, etc. Many ladies stood up to talk about what’s new!


Thank you to all those who attended, donated, spoke, shared, and who continue to support Petticoat Row!

“Life is but the expression of spirit through matter. To make life manifest requires the union of spirit and body.” – DD Palmer (1845-1913), Founder of Chiropractic 



WRAP UP – Successfully Working From Home

Our March event was super fun! The Miacomet Golf Club hosted about 60 women, including our amazing panel of Nantucket women who have or had a really successful business at home.

The panel included :
Christine Smith – Family Counselor and Moderator
Liliana Dougan – Pasta Goddess
Carolyn Thayer – Interior Designer
Suzanne Daub – Yesterday’s Island Newspaper
Cate Raphael – Former Daycare Owner and Artist
Crystal Ray – Daycare Owner
Tammy Belanger – Acupuncturist
Yolanda Grant – Makeup Artist

Panelist discussed the pros and cons of working from home, how they got started, why they wouldn’t have it any other way, and much more. Thanks to everyone who attended and for those that shared their experiences!

nantucket commercial photographer nantucket commercial photographer nantucket commercial photographer nantucket commercial photographer nantucket commercial photographer nantucket commercial photographer


Announcing our April 1st Event – HEALTH BEFORE WEALTH

Introducing our April 1st event!


Come get inspired to stay healthy, fit, strong and in shape by listening to a panel of HEALTH, NUTRITION & FITNESS experts!

The Great Hall in the Fitness Center at The The Westmoor Club, 6:30-9pm. Come at 6pm for cocktails and networking, stay to get inspired! Delicious food will be provided by THE GREEN!

– Moderator and owner of Bliss Body Wellness, Jenni Houston
– Yoga Instructor Yoga Room Nantucket, Strong Girls Yoga and Nantucket SUP Yoga, Caitlin Marcoux
The Green owner Jenny Bence
Nantucket Health Club owner Sandy Schultz
– Personal Trainer Joy Marks Personal Training And Wellness, Joy Marks
– Massage Therapist Kim Bettincourt
– Joanna Roche, Wellness Director at The Westmoor Club
– And President/CEO of Nantucket Cottage Hospital, Margot Hartmann!


All are welcome! Petticoat Row does not currently have a membership so just RSVP and come join us! We have a suggested $10 donation at the door which helps pay for our venues/food/service for each event. Petticoat Row’s board members are volunteers and donations are always welcome to keep us moving forward.

Spread the word, we’ll see you there!
~ Angel, Becky, Darya, Emily, Jenny & Zofia



March Event, Successfully Working From Home

Join us in March as we gather a panel of Nantucket women who have successfully created home businesses. This event will be at Miacomet Golf Club on Thursday, March 19th from 6-8pm. All are welcome!

Christine Smith – Family Counselor and Moderator
Liliana Dougan – Pasta Goddess
Carolyn Thayer – Interior Designer
Suzanne Daub – Yesterday’s Island Newspaper
Cate Raphael – Former Daycare Owner and Artist
Crystal Ray – Daycare Owner
Tammy Belanger – Acupuncturist
Yolanda Grant – Makeup Artist


Discuss the challenges and rewards. Learn how to manage the home and business under one roof. Pursue your passion!




WRAP UP : Storing, Saving & Sharing Photography in the Digital Age




Thanks to all of the participants at our Storing, Saving & Sharing event hosted by me, Zofia Crosby!
I have copied the info that I shared in your handouts below, and have added helpful links as well. Be sure to scroll through and find the right programs and devices for you. If you still have questions, I’m always happy to help, just send me an email : info@zofiaphoto.com


Instructions to automatically sync your camera photos:
Facebook, service canceled as of July 7th, 2016
Moments App
Dropbox – recommended
Microsoft OneDrive
Apple iCloud
Amazon Cloud Drive – free with Amazon Prime for personal use, 5gb free for all Amazon members

To automatically sync camera photos with Facebook, into a private album:
First, on your desktop, go to Settings and click Down a Copy of Your Facebook Data.


Next, in your Facebook phone app, click on ‘More’ on the bottom right. Then click on Photos. Scroll to the left of the albums (Photos of You, Uploads, Albums, Synced) and click Synced. Next, just click on Sync Photos.


To automatically sync camera photos with Dropbox (recommended):
Create a Dropbox account at www.dropbox.com. Free up to 2gb of space, or $9.99/month for 1tb (a lot!) of space.
Download the Dropbox app to your phone.
Got to Settings and turn on Camera Upload.


Programs to automatically back up your hard drive:
Back Blaze
Carbon Copy Cloner (for Mac)
Time Machine (for Mac)
Amazon Cloud Drive – free with Amazon Prime for personal use, 5gb free for all Amazon members

Always save your data in at least 2 places:
Locally on a USB Flash Drive or USB HARD DRIVE
and Online/cloud

Our favorite hard drives:
Lacie Porche Desktop drive or
Lacie Rugged portable drive
The bigger, the better, just be sure to BACK UP!


Where to buy hard drives:

Keep copies of your local files off site, in case of fire/flood:
The office
A friend’s house, do a swap
Parent’s home
Off island

NEVER reformat a card before backing up images in 2 places.
NEVER delete photo photos before having a second copy.

Organize your photos on the computer by:
(year) 2015
(month) 2 February
(date and event) 2/14/15 Valentines Day
(date and event in the file name) 021415_Valentines-05.jpg


Programs to rename your folders and files:
iPhoto, and iPhoto directions
Batch Rename, included in Yosemite
Lynn App

Windows Live Photo Gallery and Picasa (instructions)

Cull your images!
Delete out of focus and redundant images.
Start from the end. The last photo you took in a set is usually the keeper.
Group your photos by what you want to post online, share with friends, print, put in a book, etc

Photo Software that allows you to view and cull images:
Lynn App

Windows Live Photo Gallery

If/when you accidentally delete images from your hard drive:
Try command z to undo your mistake.
In some programs, you may be able to go to File:Open Recent to see if you can reopen it.
Look in the trash. Never empty the trash before backing up files.
Do a computer search for the file/folder name.
*It’s on your second device!*
If all else fails :
Try a recovery software like Recuva for Windows or FileSavage for Mac.
Ship the drive to DriveSavers or OnTrack. (Pricey!! Don’t make this mistake!)

If your memory card won’t read:
Try a different port (where the cord goes into the computer), cord or card reader
Try directly importing from your camera, which most likely came with a usb cord
DO NOT SHOOT OVER THE CARD (this may damage the images already on it and prevent them from being rescued)
Try a memory card rescue program, some come with your cards such as Sandisk Rescue Pro
Only use reliable card brands (SandiskLexarKingstonTranscend) from reliable sellers

Print your photos:
Make yearbooks and vacation photo books, check out Blurb.com
Let your kids pick the images
Let your kids crop the images, ask them “where’s the story?”
Include photos of your kid’s art
Make a book for each kid
Use a good lab so the prints won’t fade.
We recommend mpix.com for prints and photo products
Use easy, simple templates – most companies have them ready for you
Give photos as gifts
Make photo cards for more than just Christmas
Don’t over edit!

Some fun photo apps for your phone:
Squaready (to keep your images from cropping to a square on Instagram)

Technology moves fast.
Back up online AND locally.
Always update your devices.
Print a lot.

Thank you! We have 2 events we’re planning in March. Watch our Facebook page and your email for those announcements!

Did you find the event or this post helpful? Please comment below and share it!